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Mission Statement
The raid team will emulate the "old school" raiding mentality. We will push progression while maintaining a fun raiding environment and without sacrificing the team's frame of mind.
  • Dragonkiller: Raid Leader
  • Nicksamurai: Tank Assist / Strategist
  • Shevah: Assist / Sergeant at Arms
  • Pandaz: Healing Assist

Raid Team Bylaws
All team bylaws fall under the guild rules, regulations, and standards of operation.

All team bylaws can only be changed by a four of five (4/5) vote by the Raid Lead and the four (4) Assists. The Raid Leader has the full right to veto changes to the team bylaws. In the event that there are less than four (4) assists on the team, a bylaws change requires an unanimous vote.

All votes referenced herein require a three of five (3/5) vote by the Raid Lead and the Assists after discussion, unless otherwise specified.

The team will consist of one (1) Raid Lead and four (4) assists. Assists are picked directly by the Raid Lead.

The raid team will consist of no more than thirty (30) members including the Raid Lead, Assists, and benched members.

In the absence of the incumbent, the chain of command falls under the aforementioned officers as listed above. (Right Hand, Left Hand, Sergeant at Arms, Assist)

Team Recruitment
Recruitment is handled by the raid officers, and approval is by a vote of the raid officers. The raid officers may ask for previous experience, links to logs, Mythic+ runs with one (1) or more officers, trial raid runs, or a raid member’s endorsement.

Benching is handled by the raid officers and decided by a vote of the raid officers. A benched player must sit out for the number of nights specified at the time of benching. Benching is a way to enforce team raiding standards or rules without removing. It may also be used to trim down the number of members to twenty (20) if no one voluntarily sits for a mythic raiding night. Being benched for a mythic raid night is not a punitive action.

Standard Bench Terms:
  • First Offense: 2 nights
  • Second Offense: 4 nights
  • Third Offense: Vote is moved to Removal

Removal from the Team
Removal is handled by the raid officers and decided by a vote of the raid officers. Removal for the team is reserved for repeated or blatant disregard for team standards or rules. This is not a removal from guild, but of this specific team.

Loot Rules
All loot is personal now. That’s great! In the event you do not need a piece of loot you receive, there will be a roll-off and the highest roller wins the loot.

Pugging Rules
No pugging is allowed for any content that is currently being run before the scheduled raid times. If any doubt exists, ask a raid officer immediately. After the scheduled raid times for the week (Tuesday, Thursday, 7:30ST-10:30ST), pugging is allowed. Failure to abide by the pugging rules may result in punitive actions.

A player may be given a one (1) week pass to this rule for a specific purpose. This pass may only be handed out by the Raid Lead. If the player wishes to continue pugging, this pass must be approved again on the following week.

Team Requirements
Team requirements are the minimal expectations of raid team members. Repeated failure to meet these requirements may be met with punitive action.

Any change to the raid requirements requires a three of five (3/5) vote by the raid officers.

All raid members are expected to attend every scheduled raid night unless prior arrangements have been made. Raid is held Tuesday and Thursday, from 7:30 ST - 10:30 ST. Invites for raid begin 15 minutes prior to the raid’s scheduled start. In the event a member is unable to attend a raid night, a raid officer must be informed 24 hours in advance. If an officer is unavailable, please use the website’s Contact Us page

Raiders must put in effort to gear outside of raid. There are multiple ways to work on gearing, an approved list is below.
  • A Mythic +10 or higher
  • Pugging after all scheduled raiding is done for the week
  • Rated PvP
  • Weekly Island Expeditions
  • Warfronts

Material Upkeep
Raid members are required to donate a stack worth* (20) of approved materials every week. The list of approved materials will be updated weekly and can be viewed under the “Dropbox” info tab in the guild bank. Donations are managed by the Raid Lead and the Guild Quartermaster. Any alterations must be approved by the Right Hand or Raid Leader

Members that are the designated crafters for the team are listed below and exempt from the weekly donation requirement. All raiding materials such as: flasks, pots, feasts, food, gems, enchants, glyphs, and tomes are complimentary for raid members.

Designated Crafters
  • Enchanter: Candrict
  • Jewelcrafter: Spooki
  • Alchemist: Fibit
  • Scribe: Hoofstafa
  • Cook: Dragonkiller

In the event that a designated crafter is unable to provide for the team during a raid lockout, another member will be temporarily designated. This temporary crafter is also exempt for the week.
*stack size may vary from item to item